Exhibition Summary

□ Title: EXSA EXPO(Experimental and Sport Aircraft EXPO)

□ Period: 2019.09.27(Fri) ~ 2019.09.29(Sun)

□ With more than 50 exhibitors from 20 countries, 130 booths, 10 Light sport aircrafts and 15,000 visitors.

□ Location: Gunsan Saemanguem Convention Center

□ Hosting/Organizer: JCA Autonomous Co., Ltd

Background and Overview

□ In order to increase the interest of people and student aged 17 and above to expand the market of the aviation leisure and sport activities so that the flight schools and clubs can train and cultivate more than 10,000 LSA pilots per year.

□ Invigorate of Saemanguem Air-Leisure Center and pre-begin of its operations, we can suggest a business model to Korea AERO market that can start-up and profit by using Experimental and Light sports aircrafts.

□ Compose of lightweight aircraft manufacturing cluster in Gunsan Area to motivate the broaden LSA market. Furthermore, it is possible to impact the development in other industries by integrating the technologies, such as automotive, ship, engine, etc.

□ In the result of opening new sport events and tourism products annually, for example Air Racing & Cross Country, around Saemangume area, professional team and amateur team can be formed, and and they are fostered as international competitions and developed into core tourism products of Korea. It also can give unforgettable memories for 50,000 youths visiting Saemangeum in 2023 Jamboree.

Feature and Focus

□ For engineers, employees or CEO from SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) in metalworking, composite materials, electric and electronic devices or new technology for light sports aircraft, EXSA EXPO will not only serve as an opportunity for joint growth in line with the development of the LSA market, but it will also serve as a starting point for localizing the equipment.

□ In addition, EXSA Expo will be a huge job search forum for aviation students in the field of piloting, production, maintenance, marketing, etc.

□ EXSA EXPO can give an inspiration to the specialists and employees in field of wedding, movie, media, advertising, sports marketing, product marketing, insurance and tourism companies to how the industry grows from abroad and how the business can be extended reflecting the successful cases.